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Originating in the year 2007, the University of Central Florida is the birthplace of the UCF Moot Court Team. Since then, the team has developed into an organization and a class as well. Currently ranked fourth in the nation, our team has continuously excelled at a national level. 

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What is Moot Court?

Moot Court is a simulated, appellate- advocacy competition in which participants argue upon a constitutional issue before a mock United States Supreme Court. Students create arguments supporting both sides of the issue from a limited number of Supreme Court jurisprudence. Competitors are then paired in teams of two arguing in front of a bench of “justices,” usually composed of real-life advocates and judges. 


Why Join?

Moot Court fosters a community of students who share an interest in the law, allowing for the discussion of constitutional issues, and the improvement of advocacy skills through participation in regional and national invitationals and tournaments. Moot Court helps develop the necessary skills for not only law school, but many other careers by giving students the chance to perfect their critical reasoning skills, write persuasively, and engage in public speaking in a competitive setting. 



Jan Soto


Caitlin Moore

Vice President

Jake West


Ciara Lopez


Julian Cope


2022-23 Members

Alessandra Abrusci / Elizabeth Agranovsky / Scott Buksbaum / Julian Cope / Sebastián Delgado / Noah Galper / Nisieni Griffith / Ariana Landi / Ciara Lopez Feliciano / Madison Malakoff / Caitlin Moore / Zach Palmer / Jada Prater / Hannah Snyder / Jan Soto / Alyisia Spaulding / Jake West

2021-22 Members

Abbigail Artwell / Paul Brown / Scott Buksbaum / Patrick Burnette / Julian Cope / Matthew Dean / Sebastián Delgado / Rebecca Gaschler / Vaani Ghai / Reece Hall / Ariana Landi / Ciara Lopez Feliciano / Caitlin Moore / Natalie Mousa / Iliana Nuñez  / Russell Reddecliff / Jan Soto / Jake West

2020-21 Members

Abbigail Artwell / Scott Buksbaum / Patrick Burnette / Mina Farid / Vitoria Facto / Rebecca Gaschler / Meg Hall / Andrea Hernandez / Caitlin Moore / Natalie Mousa / Andy Olejarski / Russell Reddecliff / Jeannette Simanek / Owen Smith / Hannah Snyder / Jan Soto / Alyssa Thomas

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