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New Team and New Season!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The UCF Moot Court team starts yet another great season, welcoming 10 new members to the team! Throughout the month of March, the members of the Executive Board worked extremely hard, conducting over 20 interviews to find the candidates most fit for the team. Congratulations to the new team members:

  • Alessandra Abrusci

  • Alyisia Spaulding

  • Elizabeth Agranovsky

  • Hannah Snyder

  • Jada Prater

  • Madison Malakoff

  • Nisieni Griffith

  • Noah Galper

  • Samantha Keimach

  • Zach Palmer

As the new season commences, we look forward to getting to know each of the new members. The Executive Board plans to work closely with each individual to help them reach their fullest potential.

We are thrilled to have a new group of intellectual individuals who have a passion for the law. But of course, we cannot go without acknowledging the returning UCF Mooties. These individuals are returning for their second, third, and even fourth year and are crucial to the teams’ overall success. We welcome you back for another great season:

  • Ariana Landi

  • Caitlin Moore

  • Ciara Lopez Feliciano

  • Jake West

  • Jan Soto

  • Julian Cope

  • Reece Hall

  • Scott Buksbaum

  • Sebastián Delgado

  • Vaani Ghai

Additionally, we kicked off the 2022-23 season by holding our first team summer meeting on Monday, May 30th, where we broke down the Record and its components. We would first like to thank everyone that was able to attend our first meeting, the Executive Board was thrilled to see so much enthusiasm and engagement throughout the meeting!

During the meeting, we went over the Record by discussing the procedural history, facts, issues, relevant definitions, and even shared some interesting thoughts and questions. If you did not attend the May 30th meeting, be sure to swing into office hours on Saturdays from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm to catch up on what you might have missed.

Here are some fun facts pulled from the Record by your fellow teammates:

  • The Stealth Eagle 2020 tracks designated targets from 10 miles away for up to 120 minutes!

  • The Stealth Eagle 2020 produces 30-35 decibels at 100 yards away, which is the same as the sound a ticking clock would make or a quiet refrigerator hum).

  • 40% of all persons in the world serving life terms are incarcerated in the United States.

  • In the United States, the life expectancy of the average inmate once imprisoned and serving a life term was 39 years.

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